Embark on the Journey Mandala

MAM – Embark on a Journey Mandala

During today’s Mandala Art Meditation on HarmonyRadio.co we embarked on a journey aboard our translucent egg-shaped ship. I pulled the “Knight of Wands” tarot card for today’s show. In researching that card’s meaning it references taking a journey and possibly moving. For today it felt more like we needed to take an inward journey.

MAM Patience/Action MandalaReadings-dot-com

MAM – Patience/Action Mandala

During February 15’s Mandala Art Meditation, we explored the theme of patience vs action.

For these meditations, I pull a different Tarot card each week to use as the premise of the meditation. For this one, I pulled the 8 of Wands. In researching the meaning of this card I found two different descriptions for it. One said that “you have too many things going on at the same time, step back, be patient, then choose one in which to move forward” while another stated that “now is the time for action, everything is in place for you to move forward”.