With 11 being such a magical number, it seemed appropriate to do a mandala reading for today, 11/11/11.


I saw and drew the road/path first. Next came the horizon line. As I painted the green onto the paper, I became aware, in my mind’s eye, of this huge party off from the horizon. While the path and the earth display a quiet simplicity, off in the sky the angels celebrate our progress.

From our vantage point it looks like little is going on except the change in direction. And yet beyond all that we’re being celebrated, cheered for, and encouraged onward.

Many years ago I ran the L.A. marathon (5 hrs 40 mins). 10,000 runners finished ahead of me. To my credit, I finished ahead of over 3,000 people. Anyway…while running that marathon, many people along the side lines cheered us on and encouraged us to keep going. It made a huge difference in how I ran (shuffled) my race (jog).

Here on earth, as spiritual beings having a human experience (marathon), we’re being encouraged to keep going, to keep up the great work. It may seem like little is happening however we need to know that we have a team of people/angels/guides/light beings/etc. cheering us on, supporting us along our way.  For me, it makes the journey that much easier and much more joyful.

I plan to observe how this ‘right hand turn’ in the road plays out. It might be interesting to do a meditation where we place ourselves right at the turn in order to see what’s up ahead.


Maureen, The Mandala Lady