About Maureen Frank, The Mandala Lady

Maureen Frank - The Mandala Lady
Maureen Frank *

I began creating my own original mandala art after a 1999 trip to Egypt. I do them within an active meditative state, connected with my higher self, my spiritual guides and nature spirits. Over the past 14 years, I’ve also created personalized and commissioned mandalas. Read more details on the bio page of my main web site: www.TheMandalaLady.com

In late 2010 I began doing Intuitive Mandala Readings where I create a mandala while in the presence of the person requesting the reading. After connecting with their higher self, I begin drawing/coloring what I see in my mind’s eye and share any accompanying insights which usually help the person to gain a better perspective on what’s going on at that time.

About Universal Readings

Universal Readings are done via blog postings on this site. When the spirit moves me, I create mandalas that applies to all of us…as a way to help interpret and gain insights into what’s going on with different areas and aspects of our world either in general or as it relates to current situations.

As the images and symbols come to me, I color them into the mandala and allow any thoughts/messages to come through about the significance and interpretation of these images.

About Mandalas and My Process

What is a Mandala? In Sanskrit, “mandala” means circle. You can read more about them on my web site (The Mandala Lady) or on Wikipedia.

I find creating mandala art to be fun, sacred, and enlightening. I co-create mandalas using a process called coning that I learned about via Machaelle Wright and her organization Perelandra and the work that she did/does with nature spirits.

Read more about me and how I began creating mandalas on my main Mandala Lady web site:

To learn more about mandala readings or if you are interested in setting up an appointment for a reading, feel free to contact me.

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