The Birth of an Idea

I created this mandala on 6/20/2011 without an intention or a clue as to what it represents.

Mandala Reading: 6/20/2011

I submit this mandala today, nine days later, with a better understanding of its meaning. Each section of the mandala explains its role within the mandala

Silver Section
I am what holds the blue vase/bowl upright and attached to the pink/purple ring. I keep the whole thing together and stabilize it; without it, all the pieces would fall apart and separate.

Gold Lightning Bolt
I may appear to be just a decorative, ornate piece around the blue vase/bowl however I energize the blue vase/bowl as well as everything contained inside.

Pinkish/Purplish Ring and Green Tunnel
I am the power source for the mandala and the objects within. I am the opening into and from the green tunnel, which is the source of all life, the source of love and light. In reality my opening is white with a pink glow and purple shading. The green tunnel goes back into infinity and is more like a wormhole, without a solid shape, constantly shifting and moving; allowing for leaps into and out of it from other connected wormholes. It is the world of infinite possibilities.

Blue Vase/Bowl
I am the incubator, the place where ideas/thoughts are formed; energized by the gold, stabilized by the silver, given life from the white opening as it comes out of the green tunnel.

White Orb
I represent thought made into form, like an egg that’s newly laid, waiting to hatch into reality, into form.

In Summary
The essence of this mandala gives us a visual representation of thought becoming form, with the assistance of energy, love & light, and a way to incubate and stabilize it all. An idea is just an idea until it’s given life, power, love, energy, passion. Without it, it lays dormant and unhatched.

Next time an idea pops into your head, visualize it going through this birth process. If it lacks any energy or love or light, maybe reconsider it and let it go, otherwise give it all you have and make it a reality.

joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady