Doodle Mandalas for Insights from our Subconscious Mind

Our conscious mind usually communicates with us via words (thoughts, ideas). Our subconscious mind communicates with us via imagery and symbols (dreams, intuition, creative activities).

Like Carl Jung, we can use mandalas to open communication lines with our subconscious mind.

Here’s a delightful way we can do it:

  • We start by setting an intention with our subconscious, asking that some insight into a particular issue come to us while drawing and coloring the mandala we are about to doodle. (be as specific as possible)
  • Draw a circle onto a piece of paper and set out the pencils, pens, and/or markers with which to use for coloring. (download pdf)
  • Write out the intention on the back of the paper (or somewhere on the front, but outside of the circle)
  • Choose a pencil/pen/marker to use for drawing out the doodle mandala.
  • Then without lifting it up until done, quickly (without thought or judgement) doodle one continuous line randomly all around within the circle. (if for whatever reason, the line goes outside the circle, trust it, go with it, and continue onward with the doodle line)
  • Then color in all the different sections created by the doodle, paying attention to any insights that come through while coloring (usually they come as extraneous words, phrases, song lyrics, images, scenes from movies, or a sensation (color, feeling, etc) that “pop” up into our random stream of thoughts) which can provide clues and/or answers to our request. (Note these insights around the mandala and/or on the back)
  • When done, sign it and date it.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Follow through in some way with the insights received.

If for some reason it seems like nothing comes through during this process:

  • Trust that the insight requested comes in due time and in its own way
    • dreams
    • we just happen to hear/read something on that issue or we meet someone who’s going trough the same thing or who can help with that issue or knows someone who can
    • a solution-based thought/idea about that issue pops into our head while doing some mundane task
    • a line from a song that just happened to come on at that time “gives the answer”
    • while watching a movie or a TV program, a scene may play out that addresses that very issue or a character says exactly what we need to hear (for me it’s as if it jumps right out of the screen)
  • It could be that something did come through and it’s just a matter of learning to understand the difference between what came from our conscious thoughts versus our subconscious mind.
    A thought from the conscious mind usually includes “I” in the statement, while the subconscious mind will present it more as a command, as if coming from someplace other than our own thoughts. With practice this becomes easier to discern.
    For example (and this happened to me): What if people don’t like the colors I’m using on this mandala? (conscious mind) Let them color their own (subconscious mind). That’s when I began creating my full line of Mandala Coloring Books.
  • Narrow the focus of the intention. If it’s too broad, vague, or general, the subconscious may find it difficult to address since the answer my vary depending on the specifics.
    For example: “why do I have trouble making any money?” could be translated in many different ways and what is meant by “making money”? More specific questions might be:

    • “why do I struggle with managing my money?”
    • “why do I spend more money than I earn from my job?”
    • “why do I settle for jobs that pay very little?”
    • “why do I limit the amount of money I earn?”
    • “what belief about money do I have that:
      • limits my income?”
      • causes me to overspend my money?”
      • makes it difficult for me to save any money?”
      • prevents me from buying nice things?”
      • keeps me from doing things I love to do?” (travel, socialize, go back to school, etc.)
  • Fine tune the intention/question or ask it from a different perspective.
    For example: rather than asking “why do I have trouble maintaining my love relationships?“, ask instead

    • “why do I keep repeating the same pattern in my love relationships where _______________ (describe the pattern)?”
    • “why do I keep attracting the same type of person in my love relationships?”
    • “why do I find myself being alone when I’d rather be in a loving relationship?”
    • “what do I need to understand about myself when in comes to love relationships?”
    • “what belief about love relationships do I have that:
      • causes me to break up with them?”
      • causes others to break up with me?”
      • limits my choices?”
      • causes them to hurt so much?”
      • keeps me alone?”

A Personal Example

Here’s the doodle mandala I did today for my issue with salty-crunchy foods. While I happen to have issues with all kinds of foods, I find it more effective in communicating with the subconscious to narrow down the intention as much as possible, especially since in this case, different foods or my different issues about food may result in different answers. (If this particular issue resonates with you, feel free to use the wording; however, it’s best that you draw out your own doodle mandala for this intention.)

Mandala Doodle
My Doodle Mandala for this intention to my subconscious mind:
what is my obsession with salty crunchy foods (tortilla chips, potato chips, etc) all about? what part of me keeps buying and eating them (bags at a time) when another part of me knows better and would rather stop doing it?

Watch for a future post of my coloring of this doodle mandala along with the insights I received from it.

Happy Coloring!

joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady