Weekly Reading #2: Earth Energy

Earth Energy

This week we explore the energy of Earth and Earth’s place in planetary space. When I look at this mandala I sense a continual two-way communication between Earth and planetary space.

The auric image of a volcano top in this mandala shows, metaphorically speaking, how the communication goes directly into the core of Earth’s being and that it offers a direct channel between Earth and all that is beyond Earth.

We can choose to attune with Earth’s energy as well as experience this vast energetic and galactic communication.


  • Throughout the week, take a few moments here and there to feel the Earth. Be aware that we exist on a planet that rotates and orbits out in space.  See if you can feel the Earth move. Ideally, if you can, go outside and be on a piece of Earth to really get in touch with the energy of Earth.
  • As you go about our day notice if any space in your home, property, work, street, park, etc feels better than other spaces. In our local park, I have one place that I love to visit…it feels energized and mystical to me. What is it that makes one space feel better to you than another?
  • Recall a place you visited in the past where you noticed how good it felt to be there. Meditate on that place to experience that feeling again. You can always re-connect with that feeling…anytime without having to physically be there. For me a couple of places stand out…the grand canyon, a beach near Stuart, Florida, the top of a hiking trail outside of L.A. and 3 spots at Crater Lake in Oregon.
  • Continue with last week’s assignment of connecting with our night sky only this time do it while experiencing the energy of Earth. Imagine being in on the conversation between Earth and planetary space. What are they saying to each other? What are they saying to us?

Have a delightful week!


Maureen, The Mandala Lady