In starting this mandala, the image looked like a green plateau with a steep curvy cliff. I soon realized that the green area represents Earth’s surface. Beneath the surface, metaphysically, lies  Earth’s DNA. Just as all living things on Earth contain DNA, so does Earth. And just as we all grow and evolve, so does Earth.

Mandala Reading: Earth (click for larger view)

This mandala reminds us that Earth lives and just like us, Earth changes. When we as individuals change, it rarely affects many people. When Earth changes, it usually affects masses of people and usually in unpleasant ways…at least from our human perspective.

We forget that while Earth seems solid and steadfast, it’s really just a large living ‘rock’ rotating and orbiting in space. Those of us living on Earth are just along for the ride. From a physical/global perspective, Earth ultimately calls the shots. As an example, just watch the powerfully impressive videos of the March 2011 Japanese tsunami. From a spiritual/metaphysical perspective, it’s still up for debate as to who/what calls the shot…and beyond the scope of this reading’s intent.

This reading reminds me of a fantastic Australian-American SciFi tv series called “Farscape“, in which the cast of characters traveled the galaxies in a living ship name Moya. All worked together (for the most part) and had a say in their escapades…including Moya.

Like Moya, Earth is a living ship and needs to be taken into consideration as we go about our daily lives. Unlike Moya, Earth lacks any ability to physically converse with us and as such we tend to take Earth for granted, forgetting, even dismissing, its role in our lives.

Next time you take a walk, consciously step off the pavement and onto the grass or dirt. Stand there for a moment pondering this enormous living ship upon which we are riding and our all-important role as Earth’s passengers.


Maureen, The Mandala Lady