Enlighten-Up Parties

Gather a group of your friends for an afternoon or evening of fun, relaxation, and contemplation. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages provided.

I start with a group mandala meditation where everyone draws and colors their own mandala. While everyone continues coloring, I give each person their own private 15-20 minute inner-self mandala & reading.

We close out the party with a joyful blessing.

Free for Party Host (1 person) –  Minimum 5 people excluding host

  • For parties within 15 miles of Corvallis: $30 per person
  • For parties within 60 miles of Corvallis: $40 per person
  • For parties within 100 miles of Corvallis: $50 per person

Contact me for more information or to schedule an Enlighten-Up Party