Free Will

Quite simply, this mandala reminds us that how, when, and where we move through life is up to us. Here the mountains represent opportunities, potentials for further exploration. The one we see clearest is right in front of us. We can climb that mountain to see where it takes us or we can travel around it to the next mountain, or the ones beyond.

And we have options as to how we travel from mountain to mountain: we can go with the “flow” of the river, letting it carry us forward, or we could traverse via land or air in a variety of vehicles (human or otherwise), in a variety of speeds. Or, we can just stay right where we are.

How we move forward requires us to acknowledge firstly where we are, so we can determine how best to go forward to point B.

While it may seem like events happen “to us” (ie: as victims of circumstances), we have the free will to decide how we respond. That can be easy to say yet challenging to remember when we’re deep into it.

So when I struggle in those moments, I ask Spirit (God, Universe, Source, etc) to “help me see this differently” as a way to at least pull me up out the “hole” of fear (stagnation, procrastination, confusion, etc) I’ve dug for myself. Usually within 24 hours, something shifts, or new information / insights present themselves, often in unusual or unexpected ways.

Three Key Points to Empowering our Free Will:

  1. Be present with where we are
  2. Seek guidance
  3. Decide and act on how to move forward

Let this variation of the Serenity Prayer be a guide to moving forward in 2021.

Free Will, Grant me the Serenity to be Acknowledge Where I Am.
The Courage to See Things Differently.
And the Wisdom to Seek Guidance.

Blessings to you on your powerful Journey,