Weekly Reading #3: God Energy

Weekly Mandala #3: God Energy

My head buzzed the whole time I drew out this mandala and still does as I write this post. I feel like my head is expanding. Very intense…in a good way.

I realize that the term “God” can be challenging for some. It took me many  years of therapy to get over the strict religious upbringing that ‘taught’ me that God is this old white guy sitting on a throne in the sky judging every move I/we make and that if I/we don’t behave, I/we will most likely end up in hell.

My understanding of God evolved into this idea of a universal life force, an infinite, loving, and powerful energy. A friend calls It 100% pure white light. Whatever you call It, It exists in all of us, in all things.

So when I look at this mandala I feel this intense God Force, God Energy, continuously radiating out in all directions. The rotating cubic square depicts the Eternal All-Knowing aspect of this Energy, which we all can access at any time.

In beautiful synchronicity, I present to you today’s daily inspiration of Vernon Howard from the New Life Foundation:

“Q: You once said there is nothing I need do about my problems, 
and also that I can do everything about them. Please explain.

A: The conditioned self made up of contradictory desires and
false viewpoints can do nothing but fall even deeper into the pit.
But the new you, the Supermind-self, your cosmic consciousness, 
knows the answer to everything. This new you can reach the point 
where it needs no answers because it has no questions.”
The Power of your Supermind, Chap. 9, p. 115


Whatever issues, questions or problems you may be experience at this time…

  1. pick one and look at it in your usual way; think about it, write about it, blog it, ignore it, draw it, whatever comes to mind for you to approach it. What answer or solution do you find? Often times just taking your issue out of your mind eases some of the pressure and from there maybe a plan of action comes out of it.
  2. Now pick that same issue and connect with this Eternal All-Knowing Energy. Please note that even though this mandala shows this Energy as if it is outside of us, it really represents what is inside of all of us. However you can do it, go within to this All-Knowing Energy, this Cosmic Consciousness…some ways you can do this are meditating on this mandala, doing yoga, being in nature, or sitting in your sacred space…whatever works best for you. Bring your issue into this space and ALLOW the solution, the answer to present itself  to you. What answer or solution comes to mind?

If the second half of this assignment feels beyond the envelop for you, belief or trust-wise, start with a simple issue or question and work your way up. In the big scheme of things all issues/questions/problems have the same weight and effect. So while it may look  like you are tackling bigger and bigger issues, they all are, in fact, just another aspect of fear.

As our confidence in this All-Knowing Energy grows, we will reach the point, as Vernon Howard states, where we need no answers because we have no questions.


Maureen, The Mandala Lady