Yesterday I received a nudge to do another mandala reading with the subject being ‘hatred.’ When I asked what kind of hatred. The answer? They are all the same.

This mandala reading turned into quite a surprise for me. Prior to doing it, I half expected it to be this dark, ominous drawing with lots of dark, yukky colors. Instead it became this rather delightful piece (peace).

'hatred' Mandala Reading (click to see larger view)

You know that phrase “between a rock and a hard place?” Hatred resides there…deep in an abyss, a crevice. It becomes all crammed into this little space with little room to breathe or expand. Its focus is very limited; so much so that the only thing that can be experienced in that space is hatred; everything goes through this veil of hatred.

We can easily point to hatred when we see it in others. Throughout our world horrible acts of hatred happen every day and we think they should change, they should stop, someone should stop them. Ironically, people from both sides of the same issue often feel this way about the ‘other side.’

And then what about the hatred within ourselves? Just yesterday, after I knew I’d be doing this reading, I caught my self saying “I hate ….” about something rather trivial. It made me stop. How many times throughout the day do I say to myself “I hate …” without even realizing it?

I really appreciate how this mandala shows us the smallness of hatred and the expansiveness of joy. The whole upper part just exudes joy and light from within the mandala and far beyond its border. Looking at the inverted mandala, we can see that the more we move into the hatred space, the smaller and tighter we become, without anywhere else to go.

"hatred" Mandala - inverted

The mandala shows how we can climb up out of the abyss to either plateau; both bring us to joy. I also believe that we can reach joy without having to work so hard. All it really takes to convert hatred into joy is a change of mind, which immediately elevates us to the realm of joy.

The choice is ours. We can stay in the crevice of hatred, cramped and limited in focus. Or we can transform that hatred into light, where we can expand and grow with boundless joy.


Maureen, The Mandala Lady

ps: One way to experience joy is to color mandalas 🙂