Weekly Reading #9: Leap

Weekly Mandala Reading #9

We continue our discussion about our paths.

Are we seated on the sidelines looking at all our options going back and forth over which one to choose? Or have we chosen one without yet being fully committed to it; as in “one foot in and one foot out.”

For the longest time I struggled with which path to take. What if it turns out to be less than what I wanted? What if I fail at it? etc. In the end I heard “just pick something…you can always choose again.” That made it so much easier to handle.

Recently it came to my attention that while it looks like I’m on my path, I have been reluctant to commit 100%. I let some fears about success and the responsibilities that come with it hold me back.

What this fear usually boils down to is the supposed lack of confidence we have in ourselves to handle success. When I seriously looked into this, I remembered how many leaps I’ve handled over the years, reminding me that I can handle it.

Where are you on your path?  Are you ready to take the leap?


Maureen, The Mandala Lady