MAM – Completion Mandala

For today’s Mandala Art Meditation (MAM) we focused on the idea of “Completion” as it relates to the major arcana card, “The World.” You can listen to podcast of today’s meditation on my blogtalkradio show.

With the idea of “completion” I thought it would take a different spin today (pun intended). Instead of it being about endings, we focused on the idea of cycles: life cycles, yearly cycles, relationship cycles, daily cycles, beginnings and endings, one leading into the other. We celebrate the endings as we celebrate the beginnings. With each cycle we evolve to a higher version of ourselves.

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MAM – Completion Mandala

During the meditation I saw this waterwheel attached to a mill where they use the energy of the river to power their mill. As long as the river flows, the mill has the energy to do its thing.

Often times during private readings, the presence of water usually represents the life force of the person being read. In this case, this mandala shows us tapping into the flow of the universal life force…if we so choose.

The key message I received from this meditation is that we can always choose again. We can always choose to start a new cycle, whether it be our behaviors, our relationships, our home/work environment, our lifestyle, our life’s work, etc.).

In any given minute we can aways choose again,
grateful that we have the heart and free will to do so.

What do you choose to do in this moment?


For me during the entire meditation portion, I felt compelled to move my left hand in a clockwise circular motion about 2-3 inches from my body, from my solar plexus area up and around to my heart and then back down and around to the solar plexus; around and around. When I stopped for a moment, I found that I had to start back up again.

It felt like I was massaging the energy flow in both areas, opening up the channel between the two, energetically clearing the connection. It also felt like what I was doing was also being done for all of who were listening to the meditation. It comforted me and calmed me with this beautiful steady flow of energy.

Reminding us that our true power comes forth when we come from the heart, connecting with our spirit via our collective universal life force, allowing it’s steady flow to energize and support us.


Please feel free in the comments section below to share your thoughts and/or images of your experience with today’s mandala meditation or email them to me via my contact page. I would appreciate your feedback. Feel free to also include suggestions on how I can improve upon this experience.

Joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady

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