MAM – Embark on a Journey Mandala

Embark on the Journey Mandala
Embark on the Journey Mandala

During today’s Mandala Art Meditation on we embarked on a journey aboard our egg-shaped ship. [when the podcast of this show becomes available, I’ll post a link to it here.]

I pulled the “Knight of Wands” tarot card for today’s show. In researching that card’s meaning it references taking a journey and possibly moving. For today it felt more like we needed to take an inward journey.


This mandala represents the vision I received of our vehicle that takes us on our journey. Here it awaits our entry into it. I saw this translucent, egg-shaped pod fitted with a luxurious red velvet couch. While suspended in idle mode, it gives off a low vibration engine sound, while clouds of energy billow beneath it. In front of the couch and in the center of the ship sits a control panel.

Once seated, the door closes and we set our course to wherever or whenever we want to go to so that we can receive more insight, more information, or guidance about any question we may have at this time. After we set our course, the countdown proceeds. 5…4…3…2…1…blast off!

Upon blast off, we immediately traverse rather quickly through a wormhole which brings us directly to our destination. At this point we are welcome to exit the eggship to explore our surroundings, talk with whomever is there, or just be present in this space. Somewhere around us a message appears in whatever form makes sense to us. We can choose to receive it right there or take it with us to “open” at another time.

Now we return to the eggship and then instantly return to our starting point. Still seated in the eggship, a beautiful silver and white sparkling halo appears above our heads. It proceeds to widen and slowly descend around us as it sparkles and pops. A translucent field of white surrounds us as this “halo” clears any blocks to the insights we received or that have kept us from moving forward. As it finds each “blocked” cell, it converts it with energy turning it into popcorn…yes I said popcorn. [my Teammates have a cute sense of humor and they know what I like].

After the clearing, the halo returns to the top of the eggship. At this point the eggship opens from the top with the walls becoming like flower petals, peeling back and down forming a large flower blossom with us sitting in the middle…in full bloom.


Unlike previous meditations, this particular one left it wide open as to what we would experience. For me, I had a specific issue to which I wanted some guidance. What I experienced would take too long to explain here…it could easily be another blog post. Basically I received some insights as to the cause of this issue and then some understanding about how to move forward.

In general, the message came through that I have all the “tools” I need (which all seem too big for me). All I need do is allow myself to grow into them, to believe in my ability to use them and to use them wisely…and in the end, allowing myself to be my full potential…now.


Please feel free, in the comments section below, to share your thoughts and/or images of your experience with this mandala meditation or email them to me via my contact page. I would appreciate your feedback. Feel free to also include suggestions on how I can improve upon this experience for you.

Joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady

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