MAM: Endings Mandala

What Needs To End Today?

How appropriate that we start this new year of 2015 by focusing on endings, the letting go, so that we can more forward to happier times.

During today’s Mandala Art Meditation: Endings, this vision of a sunset came to mind.



It reminds us that while we may want to hold onto this moment forever, like all things in life, everything must change. Our real pain and suffering comes about when we resist the letting go, we forego the endings, we hide from the inevitable.

This mandala asks us to take a look, deep within, to find those memories, those beliefs, those patterns that we fear to look at for fear of the pain it may cause. So we close our hearts to them without realizing that when we close our hearts to one thing we close it for everything.

Because we close ourselves off from feeling any pain, that pain still exists only now in order to make itself known, it reflects itself in all aspects of our lives via people, things and circumstances. So while we may be pointing our fingers outside of ourselves declaring that these things cause us pain, in reality it’s our own hidden pain being reflected outward.

Some thoughts to ponder and explore as part of this meditation:

  • what are we holding onto that needs an ending?
    • people
    • jobs
    • habits/behaviors
    • things/possessions
    • beliefs/thought patterns
  • how are we keeping ourselves stuck (and why)?
  • remember that acknowledging and facing our pain/grief/sorrow/fears with open hearts promises that a resolution is within sight
  • whatever “darkness” we are going through is a prerequisite to our growth
  • with processing the grief/pain/sorrow/fear, instead of becoming bitter, we become wise
  • in order to move forward, we must be willing, honest and courageous with experiencing our pain/sorrow/grief/fear, so that we can live more wholly/holy


I’ve been going through a major purge of possessions. Checking in with each item asking it if it still sparks joy. If it does, I keep it. Otherwise, I thank it for the joy it gave me and bless it on its journey to a new home. I thought it would be painful…while it is challenging, I feel so much lighter for going through this process.

On an internal level, I’m looking at thoughts that hold me back, in particular my struggle with “believing in myself” and “believing in what I do”. “Mr. Doubt-Me” hangs out in my head quite often, happy to let me know that I’m kidding myself if I think that what I do matters. However, since giving my personal doubter a name, I can now acknowledge its presence by replying to each of its doubts with “you may be right and yet I’m going to give it a try anyway” or, simply, “Yes, I can”.

So what are you ready to end today?

Please feel free to share your thoughts and links to images of your meditation mandalas in the comments section.

Joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady

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