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Mandala Art Meditation: Patience/Action Mandala

During February 15’s Mandala Art Meditation, we explored the theme of patience vs action.

For these meditations, I pull a different Tarot card each week to use as the premise of the meditation. For this one, I pulled the 8 of Wands. In researching the meaning of this card I found two different descriptions for it. One said that “you have too many things going on at the same time, step back, be patient, then choose one in which to move forward” while another stated that “now is the time for action, everything is in place for you to move forward”.

These opposing insights confused me until I realized that on a regular basis we all struggle with the decision of whether to move forward or to stay put. What’s the “right” thing to do? It is this struggle that became the theme for this week’s meditation. Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, we lack a recording of the meditation. I’ll do my best to describe it for you here.


I first saw this freshly mulched pathway with green fields on either side and hills/mountains off in the distance. Suspended over the pathway I saw a lavender-colored looped ribbon with one end going to the left and the other going to the right (the pink part showed up later). At the top of the loop I saw all of us who were part of the meditation standing there as little stick figures dealing with the quandary of whether to go right or to go left (take action or be patient).  It also gave the impression that if we went to the right orif we went to the left, it would take us off path.

During the meditation I became aware of some technical issues that prevented some people from hearing the show live. It actually put me in a situation where I needed to decide whether to address the issue or continue with the meditation assuming that some people were able to hear the show. I was reminded of my technique for helping me with making decisions where I use my body as a pendulum.


  • I find it best to stand when doing this practice
  • call in your guides, angels, etc.
  • ask for their assistance in helping you to determine what to do
  • ask you body to show you what “yes” looks like (for me it’s a back and forth motion – for you it may be something else)
  • ask you body to show you what “no” looks like (for me it’s a side to side motion – for you it may be something else)
  • now ask to know the truth about the yes/no question you’re about to ask
  • when you ask, preface it with “is it in my best interest to…” or “does it serve me best to…”

Start with easy issues first…like what to eat for dinner, or what to wear to work, or what task to do next before moving to bigger issues like moving to another state or changing jobs.

Ask questions that will give you a yes or no answer. For instance instead of asking “when will I get a new job”, ask “does it serve me best to change jobs in the next 3 months (or year, etc)”.


So using this technique I asked if it was in my best interest to address the technical issues or to move forward with the meditation. I received the guidance to continue with the meditation.

Going deeper into the meditation, I saw the ribbon expand with the addition of the pink section closing out the ribbon to make it look more like an infinity symbol. I also saw that the sun up and behind us cast a shadow of the infinity-like symbol onto the path.

We often question if we are following our path and I realized that regardless of our decisions it’s always our path. What this does is take the pressure off from worrying about losing our way. It’s all good.

What it boils down to, when we come from of our hearts, going within for our guidance, knowing that the Universe/God/Source lights the way, we are always on our path.

When it feels like we lost our way, the path just took a side trip or we’re taking the scenic route. When we stop to ask directions, our path leads us back to a more straight forward route. It could be that we needed to experience a different perspective and now is the time to move forward.

When we feel like we are stuck or appear to be at a dead end, ask for guidance, ask for the truth about this situation. It could be that what looks like a dead end is really a time for patience; our path in the direction we want to go has yet to be paved. So stop and bloom where you are planted.


Please feel free, in the comments section below, to share your thoughts and/or images of your experience with today’s mandala meditation or email them to me via my contact page. I would appreciate your feedback. Feel free to also include suggestions on how I can improve upon this experience.

Joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady

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