MAM: Potential Mandala

For today’s Mandala Art Meditation (MAM) we focused on the idea of “Potential” as it relates to the Page of Pentacles tarot card. You can listen to the meditation on my blogtalkradio show.

MAM - Potential Mandala
MAM – Potential Mandala

How often do we have ideas for things we want to do, for things we want to create, to be the people we want to be and yet struggle to make it happen. We may see it as too hard, or that it will take too long, or fear what others will think/say about us and our ideas.

With today’s meditation and mandala we’re being asked to take a closer look at our potential; to take it from an idea and begin to bring it into fruition.

When we look at the mountain in this mandala, it may appear that it’s off in the distance. And yet, when we look down at the path, the mountain appears to be much closer. Like the steps it will take us to arrive at the mountain, one step at a time, so too can we approach whatever it is we want to achieve…

one step at a time

Along with the image, the colors used also have meaning. Using the chakra system, the blue is our voice (5th chakra), the purple mountain is our higher self (7th chakra), the white clouds is our divine connection to cosmic energy (7th chakra), the green land is our heart (4th chakra), the yellow sun is our will (3rd chakra) and the pink/maroon path is our higher heart of unconditional love (4th chakra).

Putting this mandala image and the colors together, they send to us a message:

know and speak our higher truth, that wherever our will and higher selves take us, we follow it from our hearts, with unconditional love and compassion for ourselves (and others), knowing that we are all loved and adored…and that we can do so, one step at a time.


So of all the things you want to do or be, just pick one objective for today. What one thing can you do today to make it happen. Come up with easy, small steps. It may be that for today our first step is to write down what it is we want to create for ourselves (a new job, get in shape, de-clutter our home/office, go to (back to) college, etc.).

Then, Each Day Take Another Step

The message of this mandala is to have the goal in mind while putting our DAILY focus on our journey to arrive there; that the joy is in the journey (JOurneY).


For me I tend to have too many ideas that all want my attention which becomes scattered all over the place, thus creating a situation where I find myself just spinning in circles (how appropriate?).

This year I’ve decided along with moving my business forward, I’m putting my focus on further developing my intuition, my drawing skills, and being at peace within myself. Some of the steps I’ve taken towards these goals so far:

  • determined what resources I can use to help develop my intuition (picked out 3 books to read/do throughout the year)
  • created a plan of action for reading and doing the exercises in those books
  • I read a bit further in the first book each day, doing at least one exercise for that day
  • determined what resources I can use to help develop my drawing skills (picked out several books, picked out some drawing tutorial videos I downloaded, and bookmarked some web sites)
  • created a plan of action for using these drawing resources (set up my calendar to designate tues/thurs mornings for drawing)
  • I now do a ‘quiet the mind’ mediation for 1minute a day, with the plan to increase the timeframe so that by the end of the year I’m meditating 20 minutes a day.


Please feel free to share your thoughts and/or images of your meditation mandalas in the comments section below or email them to me via my contact page. I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to also include suggestions on how I can improve this experience.

Joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady

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