Osama Bin Laden

This mandala reading is for and about Osama Bin Laden. A part of me is somewhat disappointed that he would be the subject of my inaugural post. And then I hear “why not? there’s lots to be learned and gained from his life.” So here we go.

Mandala Reading: Osama Bin Laden
"Osama Bin Laden" (click to see a larger view)

When I first started this piece, I heard these loud pulses in my head similar to the pulses from the movie “Contact” (Jodie Foster); it sounded like metal locking into place. I saw and drew in the angular shapes. I felt this disconnect between the shapes. I colored the green areas first, from bottom to top. That’s when I heard “he missed his mark.”

I stopped drawing/coloring to check in with the rumor going around about bin Laden being dead for 10 years. I heard that he left his body long before his body died last weekend. Unclear as to what all that means. Although in watching my mother progress with Alzheimer’s Disease, I often sensed that though her body existed right in front of me, it seemed like her spirit existed someplace far away.

As I continued to color,  more thoughts came through. The dark green area came across as this tortured soul and with it being on top, it certainly weighs down and overshadows his true essence (the angular area with the colorful circles).

The deep red segment, lined with gold, mirrors the true essence segment. The bottom portion of it shoots outward and inward with pain. I suspect some of this pain originates from his childhood. It reminds me of the “Lion and the Thorn” story, where a thorn in its paw was the source of all the lion’s anger and rage. However in bin Laden’s case, no one bothered or cared to remove the thorn from his sole (soul), not ever bin Laden himself.

My sense is that bin Laden was destined to be a powerful unifying leader for the greater good and in his mind he may feel he achieved that goal. The lighter green background with the gold triangles (pyramids) and inverted hearts represents his blessings; he had many in support of his purpose. I kept hearing “he missed his mark” and “misguided.” It seems he let his pain and suffering overshadow his true purpose. Instead of using the pain and suffering for its highest good (to rise above the pain and suffering)  he perpetuated the pain and suffering onto himself and everyone else making him a victim and a victimizer…thus perpetuating his hidden aspect: his tortured soul.

When I invert the mandala, the hearts now face upright and they and the triangles appear to rain down on his true essence and healing his tortured soul. The pain now rises upward as if being released into the ethers. What a difference it makes to have a different perspective.

Inverted (click to enlarge)

I also kept hearing while coloring “he bit off more than he can chew” which tells me while his true purpose offered the opportunity to do great things, demonstrating how to thrive despite adversity, it appeared to be a bit too much for him. I suspect he’ll fine tune this purpose the next time out.

I offer this mandala reading as a way to gain some insights about the man without in any way condoning his actions and behavior. In the end he is ultimately responsible for his choices and consequences…as are we all.


I would greatly appreciate your feedback/insights/questions about this mandala and reading. Feel free to offer them here in the comments or send them via email.


Maureen, The Mandala Lady