Channeled Art Reading Process

Doing a Mandala Reading
Doing a Channeled Art Reading

During our session, we’ll experience a channeled visualization from your Higher Self (HS) and guides as I create your original personalized painting, sharing insights and guidance to help you gain perspective and enlightened coaching.


  • Intention for your session:
    • receive guidance on a particular issue/question OR
    • go with what your Divine Helpers & Guides want you to know at this time

Here’s how it works:

  • With your permission, I connect with your Divine Helpers & Guides
  • I receive an initial visual image which I share with you
  • We then embark on a guided visualization journey, telling a story as we go
  • As insights and guidance comes through, I note them on or around your mandala
  • Along the way I may ask to connect with your heart to receive its guidance and insights
  • Also along the way, an energy clearing may be done, if needed
  • At some point, usually towards the end of our session, I’ll draw out your mandala
  • On the back (or sometimes on the front), I’ll write out a plan of action along with any additional insights

The original painting is then yours to keep!

Things to Know About the Process

  • The paintings created during these sessions are usually abstract in nature, with maybe some realism included, as if capturing a scene from a dream. You can view examples of them at the top of this page.
  • I trust that anything and everything that happens during the reading outside of the reading itself, may be part of the reading. The higher energies that are working with us will use whatever means they can to make their point.
  • Our teams of higher energies have a sense of humor and will DEFINITELY use it. Often times a wacky image will be just the thing you need in order to remember their message.

About your painting

  • Each painting is an original piece of art* created on 8″x 10″ archival art paper
  • I paint with artist-quality markers or watercolors
  • The main portion of the image itself is at least 5″ diameter
  • I write important insights around the edges and sometimes on the back
  • Each painting is signed and dated on the back
  • Each painting is placed in a clear, protective envelope
* please note that while you will own the piece of mandala art, I, Maureen Frank, own the copyright and as such the painting is intended only for your own personal use. If you wish to use the painting for commercial purposes (ie: prints, logo, t-shirts, merchandising, etc) please feel free to contact me about licensing the image. Thank you for your understanding and honoring/respecting my art.