“What’s My Purpose?”

About the “What’s My Purpose?” Question

A Mandala Reading
A Mandala Reading

Through the course of doing many mandala readings, I discovered that, at the core, our “purpose” is to help other people while doing what we love to do. For each of us, the “love what we do” part will be different.

Have you ever been around someone who truly loves doing what they do? They exude passion and joy…regardless of whether they work as a janitor, teacher, painter, or manager. When they talk about what they love to do, they just light up. They inspire us, and hopefully motivate us, to discover what is it that we love to do…and to figure out how can we help other people while doing what we love to do.

On the other hand, what does it feel like to be around people who hate what they do or are in it for all the wrong reasons? Big difference.

Doing what we love to do is our gift.
Helping others by using our gift is our purpose.

I love creating mandalas and doing mandala readings. It gives me great joy. And thus, my purpose is to help people reconnect with their own inner peace and joy using mandala art.

What do you love to do?