Mercury Retrograde & Solar Eclipse

Yesterday, the planet Mercury started retrograding (going backwards)…at least from earth’s perspective. In just under 3 hours, “the Moon will pass in front of the sun, slightly off-center, producing a partial solar eclipse visible from Antarctica, Tasmania, and parts of South Africa and New Zealand.”  (from

Before Mercury goes direct again on December 13, we will experience a lunar eclipse on December 10. With mercury retrograde acting as bookends to these two eclipses, I felt inspired to do a mandala reading for the opening of this event.

MR/SE Mandala Reading

In astrology, Mercury Retrogrades offer an excellent opportunity to re-group, re-organize, re-invent, re-think, re-do, re-model…you get the idea. On the downside, M.R. also tends to affect communications, travel, electronics…causing delays, missed appointments, and the like. If you can, hold off signing contracts and buying anything electronic unless it’s a re-placement for something that recently broke. Read more about M.R.s…

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This particular M.R. is in the sign of Sagittarius. Per the Alpha Life Trends site…

With the November/December 2011 Mercury Retrograde, the major issue of goals, plans and directions are up for revision. We are on the threshold of major change and transition regarding our direction, location and purpose. The road that we have been on for this year of 2011 now requires that we make choices and decisions. The road had ended and we must choose to go right or left, we can no longer continue the way we have. This Mercury retrograde is setting the stage for the shift out of 2011 and movement into 2012, a universal FIVE year (in numerology terms) which represents CHANGE, BREAKTHROUGH AND FREEDOM.

New moons are a great time to start new projects; it starts the monthly lunar cycle. Add a Solar Eclipse to this and you get an extra dose of energy to support new beginnings. To quote my astrology friend, Steffan Vanel… this solar eclipse is “the beginning of a cycle during which you can re-boot, allow to die and be reborn, what you thought was true.”   Read more about this Solar Eclipse…

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And from my dear friend and Astrologer, Angelica, she states the following:

These eclipses are about opening to wisdom, discovering a new insight. Open your eyes and take a fresh look at your world, your daily routine. Look for miracles, look for unseen clues. What you are looking for is not on the surface. Look deeper, look with your toes, with your spleen, with your heart, not just with your eyes. Expand your awareness. That is the invitation being made to us. So it’s perfect for Mercury to go retrograde to slow us down and enable us to see things a differently. Try on an attitude of gratitude. During the eclipses, make lists of all the good things that have happened in your life this year. A key phrase of this eclipse is “joy through commitment.” What can you joyfully commit to? There may be opportunities to make new commitments. Look for them.

So how does this mandala relate to all of this? We are being given this wonderful window of opportunity to make use of this super supportive energy to re-evaluate our lives, both personally and on the collective.

The eclipse is blasting us with energy (volcano-like structure) and the retrograde (little gold orbs) is giving us gems of insights as we explore deeply within ourselves, awakening to the truth about ourselves, and transforming/re-defining ourselves both individually and collectively. We’re seeing some of this play out with the “occupy” movement and in the Middle East.

For me personally, I plan to use this 3-week period to more clearly define what I’m doing with my life, my business, and my art. Am I being true to who I really am? Or more deeply, who am I really and what I do value; letting go of all that has stopped serving me in any way. Am I making the most of what I have to offer this world?  What fears and limitations are stopping me from moving forward? Who do I want to be? All deep, deep subjects/questions, I know, and yet it’s the perfect time to look at it ALL.

I think of my life right now as a yet-to-be-fired clay sculpture that I’ve squished back down to a pile of wet clay waiting to be re-shaped it into how I really want it to look, how I really want to be.

So yes, we can focus on the negative side of M.R. or we can use this time, with it’s extra boost of energy, to re-group and fine tune our lives, our goals, and our values. The universe is fully supporting all of us on this quest.

Although to be on the safe side, do double/triple check appointments & travel plans. 🙂


Maureen, The Mandala Lady