Mt. Sinai

Usually I know in advance the intention of a mandala reading. In this case They guided me to create this mandala first and then receive the intention and interpretation. They sensed that had I known in advance that this mandala was about Mt. Sinai I would have gone online to learn all I could about the region as well as look at images/maps/photos of the area. This could and would have easily influenced the outcome of the mandala…and They would have been right. They wanted me to create this without prejudice or forethought.

Mandala Reading: Mt. Sinai (click for larger view)

I drew/painted this mandala in the following order: the mountain, the flowing ‘water’, the body of water in the background, the greenery, the ‘sun’, and then the space behind the ‘sun’. I put the ‘sun’ in quotes because it feels like a powerful energy source far greater than that of our actual sun.

UPDATE 6/7/2011: A major solar episode occurred today that reminds me of the ‘sun’ energy of this mandala:

What does it all mean?

While painting this mandala, I heard “Mt. Sinai”, “Sinai Peninsula”, “Red Sea” and “shroud”; in the pouring/flowing water area, I heard “coded messages”. Looking at it more closely, it does look a little like Morse code, with dots and dashes.

flowing water detail (click for larger view)

This mandala tells us that information coming from a high, powerful source flows through the Mt. Sinai region. Regardless of our physical location in the world, we can access this flow without having to be in or on Mt. Sinai. We can be there through meditation or even by just using our imagination.

Accessing this flow provides insights and energy to help us with the spiritual evolution of ourselves, human kind and the planet. Some of us will receive it as energy, others will receive more detailed information. At the very least we all receive it on a subconscious level…what we do with it is up to us.

When I asked about the “shroud” I understood it to mean that this energy flow shrouds (covers) the whole Mt. Sinai area. The use of the word shroud gives this energy a more holy and sacred feel.

I strongly believe that we are all here to evolve and grow on all levels of consciousness; to ultimately exist as our higher self in human form. This portal at Mt. Sinai which recently opened again, gives us an energy boost to assist us in pursuing this quest.

About the Mandala and Mt. Sinai

Once I completed the mandala and realized it involved Mt. Sinai, I immediately researched it online. I found out the following:

  1. Mt. Sinai is located in Egypt on the Sinai Peninsula
  2. According to Jewish, Christian and Islamic tradition, the biblical Mount Sinai was the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments
  3. It is also known as Mount Horeb, Mount Musa, Gabal Musa (Egyptian Arabic), Jabal Musa (standard Arabic)
  4. There’s some controversy as to its actual location of Mt. Sinai…some believe it’s actually located in Saudi Arabia
  5. In the metaphysical world, Mt. Sinai is professed to be one of the portals to the etheric realm where energies are channeled;  other such portals are Ayers Rock, the Giza Pyramids, Zion National Park and Mt. Shasta
  6. You can read more about Mt. Sinai on Wikipedia

In researching photos of the area, I realized that this mandala captured the essence of the rock formations and colorings of the region. (click each image for a larger view)

Mt. Sinai rock formations
Yellow/Gold glow of rocks on Mt. Sinai
Rock formations of Mt. Sinai
Rock Formations around Mt. Sinai
Mt. Sinai at ground level

joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady