Potential Energy

Everything is energy. It’s in things we see. It’s in things we don’t see. This mandala reading focuses on the unseen energy, the energy that seeks to come into form, i.e. potential energy. And this energy can come from anywhere.

  • That idea you have for a new project that you have yet to start? That’s potential energy.
  • That new book, song, engine, recipe, report, sculpture, invention you’ve been putting off doing? That’s potential energy.
  • That new class, group, organization, business, podcast you’ve wanted to start but have procrastinated on doing? That’s potential energy.

Ever say to yourself “someone should make a _____ that will do ______” and then soon after discover that someone took the “ball” (idea/energy) and ran with it. That “thing” was energy and it came into being because someone was able to follow through with birthing it.

Two messages this mandala wants to share with us regarding potential energy:

  1. When energy is ready to come into form, it’s out there waiting for someone to tap into it, to connect with it on an energetic level (consciously or unconsciously) to make it so. It’s usually something that makes us say “I want to do that”; and yet sometimes, fear and doubt step in, holding us back from making it happen. In some cases, if put off long enough, that energy moves on for someone else to do. And that’s okay…it’s nothing personal.
  2. When doubt does sets in, ask to connect with the “energy of that (book, project, idea, art, business, etc) that wants to come into form” so as to receive its guidance and inspiration and then co-create with it. Often times, it will present a completely different perspective, or clue, or some unforeseen insight making it possible to know exactly what needs to be done next…mainly because it already exists. Like architectural plans given to a contractor, once in hand, the construction can begin because everyone knows what and how it needs to be built.

For this mandala reading, that’s exactly what I did. Yesterday, I knew I was to do a mandala for this post. I began by asking to connect with the energy of this mandala, setting the intention to receive whatever insights and guidance it had for me. That’s when the basic structure of the image popped into my head. From there, it was just a matter of putting it down on paper with more details coming through as I painted it.

Simply put, think of the “idea” as a living breathing entity that already exists on an energetic level and ask to work with it so as to co-create it into form.

If you’d like to read more about energy, and more specifically, potential energy, I’ve provided two links to check out:

  1. Explainthatstuff.com/energy.html
  2. Examples.yourdictionary.com/examples-of-potential-energy.html

Blessings to you on your co-creative journey.