“Power to the People” Mandala

On March 10, Cherry Divine and I were guest readers on the two-hour “Journey Into the Light” blog talk radio show hosted by Mike Long. Cherry and I did readings for people who called into the show.

While doing the readings with Cherry, I drew out and painted this mandala using markers. Today as I write this blog post, I’m hearing John Lennon’s song “Power to the People” which tells me that this is what this mandala wants to be called.

"Power to the People" Mandala
“Power to the People” Mandala

I find it quite appropriate since, what Mike, Cherry and I are all about with the work we do is empowering all of us to come into our own power so that we can be our full potential…whole and complete spiritual beings while in our human bodies.

The floating ship appears like a giant speaker broadcasting love, light and joy throughout the land for all who are ready, willing and open to hear.

To the left of the river feels like the old structured ways that have supported us up until now. However as we continue to awaken and evolve, those ways fail to serve us in a positive way and, if anything, they tend to hold us back.

Across the river is a more free-flowing field of dreams waiting for us to fully embody our wholeness; to plant seeds of our true potential: that which brings us joy and allows us to in turn help others to embrace their power and inner joy.

Time to step into our greatness and spread the word!

Power to the People! Power to the People, right on!


joyfully, Maureen
The Mandala Lady