Mu’ammar el-Qaddafi

With Mu’ammar el-Qaddafi’s recent passing, I felt inspired to do a mandala reading about him. The many components to this mandala makes it a bit of a challenge to interpret. I welcome any insights you may gain by viewing this mandala.

Mu'ammar el-Qaddfi Mandala ReadingThe upside-down green ‘boot’ caught my attention first…at least to me it looks like a boot. It being upturned brings to mind the end of his oppressive rule. The orange sun with it’s gold and red rays reminds me of a light at the end of the tunnel…especially with what looks like a narrow alleyway between two tall buildings.

The blue lower-case “i” surrounded by pink under the orange sun intrigues me. I see two different things happening there. In one case I see a small pink building with a blue door and a blue window above the door. In the other, it looks like a blue lower-case “i” with a pink field in the background leading out to the rising/setting sun. In both cases, a green pathway lays out in front of it.

I’ve often heard the ego referred to as the “little i” or “little me”. If we go with the perspective of the “i”  and a pink field, it feels like the little “i” is out in the field, with this sense of being lost and all alone. Across the field is his goal, purpose; behind the “i” is the remnants of his life.

And if you look at the surroundings of the little blue ‘i’, the colors of pink and green are light and beautiful. Even the ‘i’ is a lovely shade of blue. It’s as if he surrounded himself with the beautiful things of this world with little regard for anyone else or the adverse effects of his actions. And it could very well be that in his delusional mind he felt that all his actions were for the greater good.

My sense is that Qaddafi came into this world to help people wake up…to help them wake up to living a more enlightened life. Somewhere along the way he lost his way. While he had the potential to be a great spiritual leader, he chose a long, hard, and brutal way to try to achieve his goal (represented by the orange sun…when you add red (blood/pain/passion) to yellow…it becomes orange).

I understand that throughout his reign he amassed a fortune in gold as well as the blood of his people. The red and gold rays of the orange sun represent the blood and fortune of his material world acquisition. So all this tainting overshadows what could otherwise be a glorious sunrise.

He had the potential to be a wise spiritual leader, leading his people to live a more enlightened and compassionate life. Instead, he lead them to wake up and rise up against him. (In the chakra system, red and orange are colors of the physical world)

I’m reminded of the animated movie, “A Bug’s Life” (highly recommend it BTW). In it, thousands of ants were oppressed by a small number of grasshoppers. Because, individually, the ants felt powerless, they succumbed to the grasshoppers’ demands. When the ants finally realize that they are far more powerful working collectively, that there were far more of them then there were grasshoppers, they were able to overpower the grasshoppers and take back their lives, living in a more peaceful, more joyful world.

The people of Libya are at the early stages of waking up…they have taken back their country. For better or for worse, Qaddafi played a part in their waking up. Yes, I know that much happened in the background to assist them such as outside funding, intel, ammunition supplies and the like…yet without the people deciding to make a move, all the money and ammunition would have made little difference.

The Libyan people are at the crossroads of their lives…do they want to make a better world for themselves or fall prey to more of the same. God bless them on their journey.

For the rest of us, what can we learn from this? Are we dictatorial, leading by fear and control? Or are we compassionate, leading love and respect? Where in our lives are we asleep? Do we want to wake up on our own? Or do we want to wait until we are forced to wake up? In the words of a certain radio personality…”wake up, sheeple!”


Maureen, The Mandala Lady