San Francisco

Today I received guidance to do a mandala reading for the city of San Francisco, California.

San Francisco Mandala Reading (click for larger view)

In essence, this mandala reading shows me that the San Francisco area, (Monterrey Aquarium up through Big Sur including Monterrey and San Francisco Bays) is receiving a tremendous amount of supercharged light energy from another realm at this time. I see it as a beam of light energy coming from above and upon reaching the surface, it radiates outward. The word reverberating comes to mind, like an echo.

The whole time I painted this mandala, I felt like I had to “smooth things out”, that the edges had to be smooth and clear, without any roughness. That’s what this energy feels like…it feels like it’s smoothing things out. The whole area just feels supercharged. It will bypass most people’s consciousness. For those who do feel it, it will be a welcome change…like a cool rain shower on a hot sunny day.

Think of this download of light energy as if it were a course correction made by the autopilot feature on a jetliner. The human pilot monitors the situation without having to do anything.  So too in the San Francisco area. People who feel it or care about such things can monitor what’s going on without needing/having to do anything. “They” are just giving us a heads up about what they are doing.

UPDATED 5/13/2011: I rec’d an email commenting on how the blue/purple circle area touched her third eye.
For me this area feels like I’m hovering over the open water area of the Monterrey Aquarium. This open area allows ocean water to come in and out of the aquarium area. Inside people can go downstairs and view this natural setting via a large window or they can go outside and above it to a walkway that surrounds half of that area.

Close-up of the Blue/Purple Area of the mandala (click for larger view)

In the close-up image, it looks like fish/sea life are swimming around in a circle, in mostly a clockwise motion…creating a bit of a whirlpool….which could create a tunnel/wormhole/portal. So it makes sense that it could affect the third eye.


Maureen, The Mandala Lady