Sharing Insights Gained From Recent Readings – Part 1

Ever wonder if insights come through that would benefit others besides the person being read?

Yes. I especially noticed this after doing a weekend metaphysical fair in Eugene, OR.

A powerful insight (actually five) happened during a reading when a woman asked about her family.

Receiving Messages from People Who Have Passed

She sat down to ask if her three recently-deceased family members were okay. Before starting our session, I said technically everyone who crosses over is okay; they are in a much better place and free of their earthly bodies. It was my understanding that it’s usually only the people left behind that suffer.

With that said, I let her know that I would connect with her Divine Helpers and Guides to receive whatever insights and guidance were in her best interest to receive at this time, which may include having any or all of her family come through.

A Side Note

I’m embarrassed to admit this but I often feel nervous (at first) whenever I’m asked to connect with someone who has crossed over, let alone three. I worry that I’ll disappoint them; that I’ll fail in some way at making the connection. Thankfully, experience has taught me to ask for help and trust in my Team and Theirs to assist in the process.

Okay, Back to the Session

Once I had her permission to connect with her Divine Helpers & Guides, I stated my intention to connect with them and the energies of the desired deceased.

Before I even finished the last word, a vision of a chair popped into my head. Then one by one her family members began to appear, taking turns sitting in the chair, as if it was a Talking Stick. They each shared their current experience and message in their own unique style. We even had a surprised visitor.

During the session, I realized that my assumption about people being okay needed to be tweaked a bit. While they may be free of their human bodies, they still had issues that need to be healed; some of which we were able to resolve that day.

In the end, it always makes my heart sing when I can help people connect with their loved ones, allowing everyone to move forward along their own path.

What I Learned

From this particular session, here’s the insight I gained that may help you as well.

  • While we may be free of our earthly bodies, we take with us our unresolved issues from this life to the next.
  • Healings can happen in any dimension. After all, energy is energy.
  • With sincere intention and asking for help, trust that what needs to come through, always comes through; even if it comes in, in a most unexpected way.
  • Be open to whatever comes through, without questioning or judging. While it may seem unusual for us, for the person receiving the message, it makes perfect sense.
  • Share in gratitude the gifts we have that can be of service to others.