Weekly Reading #5: Supermind

Supermind (click for larger view)

Vernon Howard defines Supermind as the mental faculty which is above and beyond conditioned human thought (“The Power of Your Supermind” pg 14).

Ever have a brilliant idea just pop into your head at the oddest moments? Mine usually occur while talking. My left brain becomes so preoccupied with talking that the right brain takes a quick trip to access this Supermind, channeling in a brilliant idea which then blurts out of my mouth often leaving me wondering “wow…where did that come from?”

This mandala represents this Supermind where Thoughts await their journey from Thought into form. I liken it to this giant spotlight roaming the Earth in this Supermind dimension searching for anyone who may be open to it.

Howard states, “Supermind exists within everyone but [we are] asleep to it. Our entire task…is to awaken to the unfoldments of Supermind.”

We can wait for it to come to us in snippets of Divine Inspiration or in our dreams or in serendipitous events.  Or we can consciously tap into it directly when we quiet our busy little minds through meditation or creative activities (coloring mandalas works great for this).