Some of my wonderful customers were kind enough to offer these testimonials of their mandala reading experience.

“The reading I got was one of the most informational readings I have ever recieved, and is still helping to this day..especially recently, working through some shadows I would hold my mandala and say the afirmations I was given, and then I would recieve more inspirational messages. The most amazing part of it all to me is when Maureen was drawing the shapes and squiglies in each section..my jaw dropped because that’s what I see consciously all around me. I love the creativity Maureen and Spirit share. I even put it on the dash board of my car for awhile so that I could see the reflection in my window..very inspiring…I look forward to getting another one from her.”
A.N., Albany, OR

“Maureen is such a gift to those who seek her out. Over the years I have had three readings from her and each was relevant to the place I was in my life at the time of the reading. Her ability to show the way through my struggles and joys, weaknesses and strengths greatly helped me on my journey. I reflect upon my mandalas frequently as a “touch-stone” to remind me of where I have come from and where I am still going.”
S.H., Salem, OR

“Maureen is the most amazing persona and ‘reader’. She is in no way traditional, and that is perfect. She does something I have never seen before and you come away with a beautiful piece of art as well. She always seems to remember my reading from the past as well, and reminds me how I am growing here on earth. Everyone should have a Mandala Reading.We love to have Maureen work at our monthly Psychic Fairs here at Journeys. She is always so full with clients, we have to kick her out at the end of the day.”
Torrii Rogers, Salem OR – Owner, UR Journeys Shop

A Mandala Reading
A Mandala Reading

“I work in this world of readings and Holistic Arts and know many amazing Practitioners .. But by far Maureen Frank is one of my favorites .
Her reading and Mandalas are direct ,beautiful .. and in my case right on time…I look forward to having another Mandala and reading soon.”
D.J.F, Salem OR

“It was better than I expected!!! I loved it. Maureen was right on without even knowing me at all. She was right in tune with my deepest Question I had at the time. I love my mandala and it will always remind me of the path I have chosen. It is a fun piece of art work and a conversation piece as well. Thank you so much.
C.M., Monroe, OR

“I have found Maureen’s mandala reading  to right on target.  What she perceived about the nature of  myself was correct.  I needed to create more balance in my life and have more fun and be around color. Working and not making time for fun set me off balance.  Since my mandala reading,  I have made more time to be in nature, enjoy my interests, surround myself with colors and noticed how many possibilities exist for my well being.  Needless to say “Life is good” and “Balance” is like a piece of delicious chocolate.”
N.Z.,  San Anselmo, CA

“Pictures are worth a 1,000 words and Maureen’s Mandala readings say volumes(They said volumes- you can put another word). Her drawings continue to bring through messages and understanding for me even months after my reading.”
W.S. Fletcher, NH

“Maureen’s Mandala readings are AMAZING! I have had multiple readings that have been incredible. I love the tangible description of the process of my journey, as well as her wisdom that channels through her verbal description of what she sees. Many of my colleagues have documented their spiritual journeys with her and I have seen incredible accuracy, and clarity with each and every reading. I feel incredibly blessed to have access to her gifts as I know others will when working with her!”
Lisa Solterbeck
Co-Founder “Essence Illumination”