The Energy of Words

Energy of Words Mandala
Energy of Words Mandala

Recently, I attended a talk given by my dear friend, Cherry Divine at the Alice Street Spiritualist Church in Portland, Oregon. Prior to the event, Cherry suggested I create a mandala while she gave her talk. From that talk, the “Energy of Words” mandala came into form.

The Message

In “What is the role of words in Healing” section of A Course In Miracles’ Teachers Manual, it states that

Words are but symbols of symbols. They are thus twice removed from reality.”

We can have a “tree” standing before us that we call a “tree” in English. In other languages, that very same “tree” would have completely different names. Regardless of what we call it, however, it is still what it is…this living, organism that starts as a seed and, over time, grows up to become this thing we just happen to call a “tree.”

This mandala reminds us that words are neutral…we give them all the meaning that they have for us. So when we use words, it matters more the energy we express them with than the actual words themselves.

When we come from a place of anger, frustration and hatred, that energy is conveyed through the words we use and the actions we take. When we come from a place of peace, love and joy, that energy is also conveyed through the words we use and the actions we take.

Thus it becomes more about the “reality” of what the words represent than the actual words themselves.

The “Energy of Words” Mandala encourages us to come from this place of the ‘Sacred Mountain’, this higher vibrational place of peace, love, and joy, where regardless of our words or actions, it all translates the same, rippling outward, spreading its message of peace, love, and joy far and wide.


The Mandala Lady