Weekly Reading #4: To Source

Weekly Reading #4: The Source

All roads lead to Source, to God, to God Energy, to 100% pure white Light, to Heaven, or whatever term you feel comfortable using. Even if we choose to pooh-pooh this notion, eventually, we ALL come home to the Light, the Source.  Just because we don’t believe it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Many wonder what path to follow, what belief system to adopt; others opt out completely believing that what we see here on earth is all there is. Regardless of the path we choose, this mandala reminds us that we all go to the same place.

Some paths are easier, some are longer, some are exciting and some are boring.   The question is, do you want to go the path of pain and misery or joy and peace?

So when choosing your path, go with your heart…go with the one that feels true to you and encourages you to be a better person, inspires you to make this world a better place, brings joy, love and peace to you and all those around you…choose that path.

And regardless of the path chosen…know that we can always choose again.


Maureen, The Mandala Lady