Weekly Reading #11: Wake Up!

Weekly Mandala Reading: Wake up!

Wake up! Rise & shine! Up and at ’em! Beep-Beep! A-OOO-Ga!

This is our universal life-force wake up call. The time for holding back, playing it safe, self-sabotage, blocking our forward movement, and letting fear have control has ended! Ding-dong the wicked witch is dead! The light at the end of the tunnel is here! Stay away from that snooze alarm!

Do we have your attention?

Right now we’re in this semi-conscious state of just opening our eyes, waiting for our whole self to fulling engage. We’ve been living most of our lives in this day-to-day dream like state wondering most of the time how we got from point A to point B…like zombies.

Please note…we have the option to stay in our zombie-like states for as long as we want. It begs the question, however, “how’s that working for you?”…to quote Dr. Phil.

Being fully engaged means being fully present at all times: body, mind and spirit. A monumental task that we can easily break down into simple moments at a time. It starts by remembering to be aware as often as we can; “am I fully awake in this moment, fully aware of everything going on around me and in me?” Just asking that question brings us to the present moment.

Why do we want to be aware/awake? Because only in this moment can we make any adjustments, any changes to our current situation.

For example, quite often I catch myself walking into the kitchen, opening the refrigerator and grabbing something to eat…as if sleepwalking…when in reality I wasn’t even hungry.

When I catch myself like that, I realize that I’d rather eat than take care of whatever it is that I’m really trying to avoid. Chances are what I’m avoiding has fear wrapped all around it. Looking even further, going deeper within myself, I recognize that the fear comes from some distorted illusion that I am not enough, I am not loveable, I am not worthy, or some other such nonsense.

Repeat after me…

I am enough! You are enough! We are enough!

I am loveable! You are loveable! We are loveable!

I am worthy! You are worthy! We are worthy!

Now go outside and play 🙂


Maureen, The Mandala Lady