We are all ‘The Helpers’

Universal Reading: Helpers
“The Helpers” Mandala

Within one week, the U.S. sustained two major tragedies: the Boston Marathon bombings and the West, Texas fire and explosion. It becomes more heartbreaking as stories continue to come out about the loss of life, the numbers injured, and the destruction of homes and businesses.

The U.S. experienced larger, more severe losses throughout its history (9.11, Oklahoma City bombing, destructive hurricanes/tornadoes, school shootings, etc). Sadly, other countries to this day experience bombings on a regular basis, genocide, and war, as well as major natural disasters…all with devastating consequences.

So what warrants a universal reading about what the U.S. experienced this week? It stems from the focus on “the helpers.” It’s been coming to light for a while now via a quote from Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) that I see repeatedly on various social media:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'”

Lately, this concept of looking for The Helpers grew to the point where the mainstream media picked up on it when they noticed people running TOWARDS those who were in need of help rather than running away…disregarding the possibility of harm or death. While this has happened in the past with tragedies noted previously, this mandala wants to use these recent events to shed more light on this idea of The Helpers.

I know for me I often read/hear about these tragedies and ask myself “what I can do?” “what can any one person do?” This mandala reminds us that we are all The Helpers. It’s in our DNA. At the core of our being, we want to help people. Ever notice how you feel when you’ve truly helped someone? I know for me, I feel my heart grow and my whole body seems to lighten up. I experience the same feeling when others have helped me.

What this mandala wants us to do is to focus more on being the helpers we are created to be. To help both ourselves and others, to embrace compassion for ourselves and for one another. We do this all in an effort to make this world a better, peaceful, more loving place.

How can we do this?  Start by being kind. That’s all that’s required of us as The Helpers. Be kind to ourselves. Be kind to one another. Be kind in our thoughts, words and, actions. Be kind without becoming codependent which may appear to be kindness but in the end causes more harm than good.

Kindness comes in many shapes and sizes…all equally important…from smiling at a stranger to running into a burning building to save lives. When in doubt as to what to do, ask  “what can I do right now that serves the greater good of all?”

Sometimes the most kind thing we can do is to just be quiet and smile.

joyfully, Maureen