Weekly Reading #1: Welcome


Starting today and every Tuesday, I plan to create and post a weekly mandala reading with the intention of offering insights for that week (Tuesday-Monday).

When I posted the Winter Solstice mandala reading on December 22, I felt compelled to invert the colors to expose an image of what looked like a parallel universe. Seeing that inverted image inspired me to create the weekly mandala readings on black paper.

By doing so it’s as if we’re being allowed to see images, energies and vibrations that would normally go unnoticed. Had I used these same colors on white paper, most of it would be barely visible.

It reminds of how during the day we see one sky and at night we see another…we see way beyond our world. Just because during the day we don’t see (with the naked eye) the stars, planets and galaxies, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The light from the sun just shields it from us until it goes around the other side of our planet.

This mandala welcomes us to this weekly series as well as welcomes us to be open to the possibilities of what exists beyond our normal day-to-day world.

I sense that these energies, these vibrations exist to remind us of the joy, compassion and guidance that are there for us to tap into and experience.


  • Take note of the difference between the day sky and the night sky as a reminder to be open to the possibility of seeing beyond what you think you can see.
  • Take the opportunity to be with the night sky at least once this week, to experience how we are standing on a planet that ‘floats’ in space, that we are among a vast array of planets, stars and galaxies.

    For those of us in the northern hemisphere, tonight would be an excellent night to do so since the earth passes through a stream of debris known as the Quadrantid Meteor shower, with up to 100 meteors an hour! It’s expected to peak around 07:20 UT (02:20 am EST) on Wednesday morning, January 4th…11:20 pm PST on Tuesday night, January 3rd.  For more info…


Maureen, The Mandala Lady